During our previous careers at Pfizer Inc. our primary focus was on the
discovery and development of novel therapeutic agents to treat a variety of
CNS disorders. Our experience with Geodon / Zeldox (TM) during the R&D
stages has enabled us to design and evaluate new chemical matter that may
eventually lead to new therapies for depression, Alzheimer's disease and other
related human disorders.

Screening of our compounds in this area is offered through the
Psychotherapeutic Drug Screening Program (PDSP) at the University of North
Carolina, Chapel Hill. With funding provided by the National Institutes of
Mental Health (NIMH), Dr. Bryan Roth and his colleagues test each
compound in a variety of receptor and enzyme assays. Recently, we have
identified compounds that have high affinity for Kappa and Delta opioid and
Sigma 1 / 2 receptors in the CNS.

We are currently exploring additional examples from this class to identify the
optimal compound(s) for advanced testing with the goal of selecting a
candidate for study in animal models of depression and/or mania.


MediSynergics, LLC has filed numerous patent applications with the United
Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for the use of our novel compounds in
the treatment of patients with CNS and parasitic diseases.

To date, eleven US Patents have been granted to MediSynergics:

 US-9,126,891 - Cycloalkyl Diamines  (9/8/15)
US-9,169,237 - Antiprotozoal Amidines (10/27/15)
US-9,283,196 - Cycloalkyl-Diamines for CNS Disorders (3/15/16)
US-9,284,291 - Kappa Opioid Receptor Compounds (3/15/16)
US-9,345,673 - Anti-Cancer Cycloalkyl Diamines (5/24/16)
US-9,346,777 - Antiprotozoal Compounds (5/24/16)
US-9,381,170 - Cycloalkyl-Diamines - Neurodegenerative Disorders (7/5/16)
US-9,475,788 - Antiprotozoal Compounds ( 10/25/16)
US-9,517,232 - Compounds for Treatment of Alzheimers Disease (12/13/16)
US-9,700,563 - Kappa Opioid Receptor Compounds (7/11/17)
US-10,351,552 - Bicyclic Antiparasitic Compounds (7/16/19)

Two additional applications are also under review in the USPTO.