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  Dennis is an organic chemist with extensive experience in drug
discovery and development. He has been involved with several
marketed drugs, including the antipsychotic agent ziprasidone
(Geodon (TM)), the oral antibiotic sultamicillin and other important
new medications. More recently, he held positions of increasing
management and supervisory responsibility within the
Pharmaceutical Sciences, Project Management and Veterinary
Sciences Departments.
  Dennis is listed as an inventor on 18 US patents and is a
co-author of two peer-reviewed journal articles. He is a member of
the American Chemical Society (ACS) and was a Captain in the USAF
Reserves (ret.).
Dennis M. Godek
MediSynergics, LLC
  Harry is a medicinal chemist with broad experience in drug
discovery and development.   He co-discovered the atypical
antipsychotic drug
ziprasidone (Geodon (TM)) for the treatment of
schizophrenia and mania, and the novel serotonin-1D antagonist
elzasonan for the treatment of depression. During his career, he
also developed expertise in the design of novel compounds for the
treatment of Central Nervous System disorders, including
schizophrenia, depression, and attention deficit hyperactivity
disorder (ADHD), as well as medications to minimize the long-term
complications of  chronic diabetes; these efforts resulted in the
nomination of five additional development candidates.
  Harry is listed as an inventor on 58 U.S. patents and author of 30
peer- reviewed publications and has lectured at Fordham University
Law School in New York City and the University of Iceland in
Reykjavik.  He has served as an adjunct instructor of Medicinal
Chemistry at the University of St. Joseph in West Hartford, CT since
  Harry is also a member of the American Chemical Society (ACS)
In 2005, he received the ACS Regional Industrial Innovation Award
for his role in the discovery of Geodon and in 2007 was further
recognized as a Hero of Chemistry by the ACS.  He is featured in
the article "A Quick Lift for the Blues" by Robert Langreth published
in the August 2003 edition of Forbes Magazine.
Harry R. Howard
Vice-President /CSO
MediSynergics, LLC
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